Custom Amiga Diskette Order

Custom Amiga Diskette Order

***For something found in our inventory, please make an order under "Amiga Diskette Order," not here.***

Have a custom order not found in our catalog?

Would you like us to transfer a .adf file onto a new Amiga diskette?

Want us to get your favorite demo or .mod song and make a cool diskette for it?

We are here to help!

Just tell us what you would like on the diskette right before you order (in the special instructions box) or after by email.


We create Amiga diskettes that can only be read on an actual Amiga 500, 1200, or any other related model.

Keep in mind, our custom diskettes can all be read on an Amiga 500, at minimum. We can not print anything higher than the 880kb format. However, we can see if the file fits on the diskette first! Please ask us!

Each disk is worth $10, plus $5 shipping in the United States.

Shipping to Canada is $10, and for the rest of the world, $25.

Each order comes with a free Choam Charity catalog!