Amiga Diskette Order

Amiga Diskette Order

Nostalgic software and data for the Commodore Amiga range of personal computers!

Make an order here for our available inventory of .Mod disks, Demos, Games, Interactive Fiction, and Sample Disks we made.


We create Amiga diskettes that can only be read on an actual Amiga 500, 1200, or any other related model.

Each diskette is worth $10, plus $5 shipping in the United States.

Shipping to Canada is $10, and for the rest of the world, $25.

Each order comes with a free Choam Charity Catalog!

Organized by:

MOD - .Mod Disks (single songs)
DEM- Demo Disks (animated shorts)
GAM- Game Disks (video games)
INF- Interactive Fiction Disk (text-based adventures)
SAM- Sample Disks (samples to make songs with using an Amiga tracker)